What is simplicity?

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We all agree that simple is best yet in business we seem to do our very best to make our businesses as complex as possible in order to deliver that simplicity.

Think business systems, think processes…..think complexity is almost the invisible elephant in the room.

Well I heard John Maeda speak and talk about the definition of simplicity.

"Simplicity is about more enjoyment and less pain"

I love that business quote because it works in all contexts but when do we ever think about what we provide to the market in terms of enjoyment and pain?

Instead we think revenue and costs, or problems and opportunities…but that is not how people think!

When did you last ask

  • How enjoyable is it to deal with us?
  • How enjoyable is it to work here?
  • What pain do we cause unwittingly?
  • How can we reduce pain and increase enjoyment in the customer experience?

Yet at home or with friends…or whilst social networking online…think about the proportion of conversations that at the heart of it, is the concept of pain or enjoyment.

We live in a world of pain and enjoyment….but do we work in a business that thinks about eliminating pain and increasing enjoyment? If not…why not…it is what us humans are brilliant assessing!

Anna has spent over 20 years as a Board Director at several global brands. She now runs her own company The Engaging Brand which supports business leaders who want to transition to the new social business model. She is also a speaker, writer and radio show presenter on social business, indeed her podcast The Engaging Brand has been nominated 6 years running as Best Business Podcast at the Podcast Awards. She brings an unusual mix of experience to business - she has a 1st Class Law Degree, MBA in marketing and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. This unusual mix means not just explaining the why of being social but how to turn social into a measurable business tactic to grow your bottom line. Her blog www.theengagingbrand.com is recognised as one of the leading UK marketing blogs.

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