Why it is time to surrender!

Surrender has a negative tone yet I believe we need to surrender more…

The reason for the negativity is that surrender is connected with giving up when the problems or task seem unachievable however….

What if we were to change that around…and surrender to the possibility.

We spend too much time in meetings discussing problems, reasons why not, issues in launching to market….so much so that I think business tend to surrender to the problems. Even if it goes through with product development it is normally diluted in some way…that to me is surrender.

What if we surrended to the possibilities…..

What if we took the opposite viewpoint and said possibilities are the future of our business?

Just think how much more positive meetings would be and how much more we would achieve!

Today don't be lazy, don't fear the problems – embrace them because in the problems lies the ultimate goal…profit. Leave your competitors to discuss problems and you grab the possibilities and make them reality.

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