6 Ways a Business Can Be More Social

We can all embrace the concept of being social. So here is the weird part of business…

In order to action our social ideas, in order to brainstorm social ideas, in order to discuss social media, social marketing….we retreat to a sterile room and brainstorm within a very unsocial environment with no representatives of the social circle we want to be social with!

Weird…..we all do it…yet when you look at the very idea of an insular business meeting to discuss how to be social, it is almost laughable. Changeisaculture

Here is a challenge for your business…

When you want to extend your social

  • Why not retreat to the social space?
  • Why not retreat to speak with the people you want to be social with…the customers?
  • Why not retreat to being outside the office walls?
  • Why not retreat to a space that encourages a social atmosphere…a coffee shop, a retail space, a restaurant etc etc
  • Why not retreat to social networking sites or social sharing sites?
  • Why not dress like a customer not a business person and shop!

Social media is about living a social life not managing a social project.


  1. crm@spi-global.com' says

    I agree that businesses need to be more social when it comes to planning out their social strategies. A lot of companies tend to focus on just creating content, without any plans for engagement.

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