A Tip on Managing the Future

If only we could see the future!

Well, in a way we can….as we experience more and more in the business world there is one thing that helps us.


What we learn with our failures and our successes is that although we cannot predict the future, each day we are living the future. In fact writing this blog post, I have moved into the future!

Think about that fact for a minute….

We visit the future, we live in the future each moment that passes…therefore if we build constant learning into our lives we learn how to mitigate risk, how to maximise benefits we can learn to manage the future well. It is something that as business people we should be able to learn how to move towards as it is something that we are doing everyday!

Now if we are working in future moments each day, surely we should spend some time at the end of each working day to think about what worked well, what we could have done better…..because through that thinking habit we fully embrace and learn from the future.


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