Do you embrace the randomness of the web?

When I first came to love the web, the very randomness was one of the things that I just loved.

Random people who I got to know and truly respect.

Random gifts of knowledge that were just lurking around the click of a mouse.

Random ideas that just seem to leap from the screen after reading two completely different topics.

As Forrest Gump would say "The web really is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you're gonna get"

That was then…so has Google, Facebook, Twitter….all the social channels altered my view?

No. Definitely not. But…..

You just have to work harder…the web wants to take you down its path of sponsored content, of people it calculates that you will like, of ideas that will make you a million dollars (and not even by responding to a Nigerian email!)

To keep the innocence of Forrest, to keep our social media like a box of chocolates then you have to constantly go and personally choose from the 'pic n mix' section. You need to follow the maze which Berners Lee created, the links are the alleyways into new sections of the maze. Like Forrest would be fueled by the excitement of entering unknown corners then you as a business leader, a thinker, a life long learner…..allow yourself to meander like a naive child, enjoying the escape from the grown up – a.k.a Google or Facebook etc.

Let 2014 be the time when we find that inner spirit of freedom and adventure. Life


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    HI Anna,

    Love the Modern Look on your site. I guess I do embrace the randomness… it’s sort of like being invited to a party where you don’t know anyone. It’s inevitable that you will find some like minded soul and though locations can have a very different feel, human nature is pretty much the same wherever you are, even on the WWW. It is definitely a box of chocolates. The things I enjoy the most is the access to information; things to learn or reconnect with what I forgot. My Phd. just means Piled HIgher and Deeper. What I have learned to do is let all of this refine my own viewpoint and writing. The web can be a source of inspiration and not always in the way it was intended. Anyway what would you expect from a guy with a blog called randomdirt… 😉

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