Which is more important data or experience?

Social business is wider than just embracing social media. For me it is extending the lessons of social media throughout the business.

It is not an art. It is not a science.

It is both an art and a science.

Too often people purely look at the art of writing a memorable post. Too often people rely solely on analytics to decide what works….social business uses both aspects of data and experience.

It takes the concept of experience throughout all aspects of business and knows that it needs to maximise the experience that both internal and external people feel…….

It looks at the analytics from employee engagement to talent retention…..to customer engagement and other external measures….to use as a guide. I say guide because they are not the total picture of your brand. 

To be develop from an industrial age based business into a social age business, we all need to learn the third way……combining the art of experience with the science of data.



  1. hrthom@gmail.com' says

    To see any kind of success you need both. Without experience you can easily come to the wrong conclusion. With data only we might take a direction we don’t like. Perhaps taken for granted but we want a solution we are happy with.

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