What Mandela, JFK, Princess Diana Taught Us about Social Marketing

Vulnerability is a wonderful thing, yet so many business leaders think it is about weakness rather than the truth…that is represents strength of character. 

Social media allows people to show their character, it allows people to see your personality. When you look at people throughout history who have engaged a generation they have all had a sense of vulnerability.

From JFK to Princess Diana, from Herb Kelleher to Sir Richard Branson, from Nelson Mandela to Martin Luther King…..they all had a vulnerability which allowed people to connect with them. Vulnerability is the glue between two connections….

Think about the people I have mentioned…they go out to people, they show what upsets them, they embrace their emotions….they are not afraid of vulnerability, they are afraid of hiding them because hiding them won't create change.

…Why? Well in my humble opinion it is because humans embrace 'humanness' and 'humanness' is not about perfection.

For business leaders who want to embrace social marketing they should concentrate of being human with all the vulnerability that brings…..rather than displaying perfection through social tools. We don't like perfection, we don't believe perfection….we want to relate and we can only relate to brands that show those human traits.



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