Have you become too predictable?

I do some part time lecturing on law as a way of giving back to the next generation. I was preparing for this mornings tutorial and it struck me

"There is a fine line between predictable and repeatable"

Let me explain….

Brands and business need to develop a repeatable business model with repeatable processes to ensure consistent delivery of values, ideas, products and services. As a consumer I want to be able to depend on you. It is this dependability that builds trust and loyalty. 


It is a fine line between a desire to be repeatable and a mindset of predictability. Predictability means that 

  • You stop improving
  • You struggle to cope with change
  • You stop delighting me rather than pleasing me
  • You play it safe rather than take calculated risks
  • You become a commodity rather than giving me a reason to purchase.

I was thinking about this in relation to coaching ( I like to coach in thinking rather than lecture or teach…semantics I know but it is always about approach!)

It is about developing a repeatable way of learning that works whilst still maintaining the interest and desire of the group. Being repeatable demands higher thinking so that you don't allow repeatable to become predictable.

It comes down to this….

Frameworks, boundaries..allow you to be confident that what you say will be what is delivered.

The way you deliver needs constant improvement, constant little tweaks to keep moving forward.

Great questions to ask yourself, your brand, your team, your company….is

Are we creating a repeatable process? So we never let anyone down.

Are we ensuring that repeatable never gets in the way of delighting our customer?

Do we truly know what should be repeatable and what risks becoming predictable?



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