Which is YOUR Content Marketing Goal?

So a little story about our favourite little worker….Bob.

Bob sat at his desk wanting to please his manager. He had been put in charge of content marketing and wanted to get started on producing content. He typed, he rewrote, he typed until his little paws were sore….

Then the CEO walked down the corridor and little Bob felt very proud to introduce himself as Head of Content Marketing. The CEO turned and asked "Great Little Bob, we must produce loads of content – after all our competitiors do!"

Bob spend many weeks and produced loads of content. It came to the year end and he had to present his work. He cleared his throat and proudly announced that he had completed 10 white papers, 2 blog posts per day, lots of presentations for slideshare..gosh the list went on…and on…and on.

As he came to an end the CEO leaned over and asked two questions

  1. Fabulous Bob! Now what has been the effect on the business objectives? And….
  2. Which objective was the critical factor to determine success? Can you give me the outcome of all this work?

Bob felt the sweat roll down his cheeks. His aim had been content. Content. And more content…nothing else.

The pride he felt wilted away…….how could he have been so stupid – It is not about content for contents sake, it is about content that creates value for the customer AND therefore the business. The goal is integral to being able to measure whether the content marketing is effective…and depending on the goal, it will shape the style, the type of and the detail of the content.

What's Bob's learning…..Understand what the goal of your content is and work on content that will deliver value to that goal. He has put together this little checklist for you to ask…….what is your goal for content marketing?


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