Why Content Marketing Needs a Stripe Like Toothpaste

When I do speaking events, I often finish the session by asking people to think about this question…


Too often we don't understand what makes us special, what makes us distinctive, what is the "thing" that will allow you to stand out from the competition.

Somehow the stripe in the toothpaste convinces us that it has some extra protection, that in some way it will turn our caffeine stained teeth into healthy, glittering white teeth…..

The stripe reaffirms the word on the packaging……we see it and believe that there is that extra help for our teeth.

Whatever you produce or provide services for…..you need

  • To think hard about what you are truly offering that is different and then…
  • Think about how you can reaffirm that difference.

To a certain extent that is why I love social marketing, I love the way social media allows you to show your values, show your understanding of the market, show how you are not a brand…YOU are a team of very human people who want to make your life better.

We live in a VERY competitive world – the stripe becomes critical to success. The stripe may be the content, the method, the values, the cause, the type of service……and it is stripe that makes the customer want to connect with you.

Do you know what is your stripe?

Do you know how to demonstrate that difference?

Does all of your team also understand the what and the how of your brands stripe?

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