Show 483 – 6 Moments That Call Us To Lead

The Engaging Brand podcast covers social marketing, business ideas and brand marketing tips.

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This week Anna Farmery speaks to Henry Evans and Colm Foster about STEP UP which reveals how to identify and act upon six  moments that call us to lead. Two great guys and we discuss

  • What are leadership moments and why they are difficult for leaders.
  • How Henry and Colm have changed their approach to emotional intelligence coaching.
  • How you changed your leadership behaviors…through emotional triggers.
  • How to use anger in an intelligent way.
  • How anger is often about your own weakness not the behavior of your colleague.
  • The role of body language in emotional intelligence.
  • How to avoid terminal politeness.
  • What engagement looks like in a happy working environment.
  • How to recognise what is causing conflict at work.
  • Why should we love pessimists in the team.
  • A great question to ask yourself tomorrow…….

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    What a lovely thing to say and rest assured the feeling was mutual. If ever I can provide value to either of you, just let me know always happy to help a friend. Already received great feedback about the show

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